Aztec "Moon" Pendant


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Aztec collection inlay pendant by Kelly Charveaux
Inlay Aztec pattern by Kelly Charveaux

When the Aztecs looked overhead, they were enraptured by the moon, believing it to be not a collection of rock orbiting the Earth high above the sky, but a living, breathing entity. The mystery of the moon has continued to call to humankind ever since, and even though man has now tread upon it, the wonders of the celestial body endure. It is the mystery and beauty of the moon that is brought to life by the Aztec “Moon” Pendant, a pendant that has a simple circular shape that is truly extraordinary with its elaborate inlay.

Painstakingly handcrafted, the Aztec “Moon” Pendant is a truly unique piece that is sure to be unlike anything in your jewelry box. The necklace features triangles, chevrons and stripes of black and white mother of pearl, abalone, black onyx and created opals set into high quality sterling silver. Measuring X inches in diameter, the circular pendant comes complete with a polished sterling silver bale, making it easy to add it to a chain of your choosing.

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