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Aztec "Twin Peaks" Ring


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Adjustable inlay ring by Kelly Charveaux
Aztec inlay ring by Kelly Charveaux
Aztec inlay ring by Kelly Charveaux

Legend has it that the bodies of the lovers Izta and Popo grew into magnificent mountain peaks. She took the shape of a snowy white mountain, while he was transformed into a deep smoky gray one. The Aztec “Twin Peaks” Ring captures the twin peaks that serve as the final scene in the touching love story of the Aztec princess and her warrior with their mix of black onyx and white mother of pearl shown prominently at the top half of the ring. The rest of the rectangular piece is inlaid with black lip mother of pearl, abalone and created fire opal to add interest, color and texture to the design.

The Aztec “Twin Peaks” Ring measures X inches by X inches in size, making it a piece that will stand out no matter which finger you sport it on. The ring has an adjustable shank, which will allow you to modify the fit to ensure your comfort and secure the ring firmly in place.

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