Aztec "Forever Love" Heart Pendant


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Aztec inlay heart pendant by Kelly Charveaux

Even death could not separate the Aztec warrior Popo from his beloved Izta. After the two of them lost their lives, Aztec legend has it that mountains formed, the White Woman of Izta and the Smoky Mountain of Popo. In their new forms, they went on to spend eternity never to be separated again, and that endless love serves as the sentimental inspiration for the Aztec “Forever Love” Heart Pendant.

In the form of the Aztec “Forever Love” Heart Pendant, you can see the elements of the final chapter in Izta and Popo's love story. The white mother of pearl and abalone representing her and the black onyx and black mother of pearl used in the inlay symbolizing him. Touches of created opal bring fiery red hues to the sterling silver pendant, reminding us of the fires of the heart that can never be extinguished. Meticulously handcrafted, the Aztec “Forever Love” Heart Pendant makes a touching gift for any occasion and is 46 millimeters long by 35 millimeters wide.

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