Aztec "Cross" Pendant


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Aztec cross pendant by Kelly Charveaux
Aztec cross pendant by Kelly Charveaux

Although their beliefs were quite different than the ones held by those in the modern world, the Aztecs were every bit as devout to their gods as modern man is to his. With the Aztec “Cross” Pendant, the decorative patterns that the Aztecs used to celebrate their own gods are used to add to the beauty of the traditional symbol of Christian religious faith. More than 40 hand cut semiprecious stones are used in the design, creating an inlaid mosaic that truly celebrates the beauty of nature.

The Aztec “Cross” Pendant includes genuine abalone, white mother of pearl, black lip mother of pearl and black onyx along with premium created red fire opal stones. The cross is 2 inches long from the tip of its sterling silver bale to its bottom, and it is 1 inch wide. The sterling silver pendant is handmade and of fine enough quality to be worn daily; however, it is elegant enough to save for special occasions when you want to dress to impress.

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