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Aztec "Princess" Necklace


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Aztec inlay  necklace by Kelly Charveaux
 inlay  necklace by Kelly Charveaux
Aztec inlay princess necklace by Kelly Charveaux
Aztec "Princess" Necklace

Not every princess sports jewelry dripping with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The Aztec “Princess” Necklace is meant for the princess who goes her own way, who is in touch with her earthy goddess within and who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. With a design truly fitting a lady with royal taste, this exquisite collar necklace will suit everything from a strapless gown to a crisp white collared oxford button down.

The Aztec “Princess” Necklace consists of thirteen sterling silver links in two different designs: long slender triangles that point downward and stout, regular triangles oriented to face upward. The repeated triangles complement one another in their angular, geometric forms as well as in the addition of black onyx, mother of pearl, abalone and created opal inlays on their surfaces.

Part of the appeal of the Aztec “Princess” Necklace is the versatility of the piece. The entire necklace measures 19 inches in length, but the handmade link chain can be adjusted to 15 inches in length to complement any neckline.

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