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Aztec "Izta" Pendant


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Black onyx aztec inlay pendant by Kelly Charveaux

When they met, she was the woman of mystery, when they grew to love, she became the brightest spot in the heavens of his life. The Aztec “Izta” Pendant is the embodiment of the character of Izta, the Aztec princess whose love story inspired the ancient people and still enchants us to this day. At the center of this statement pendant is an 18-millimeter by 18-millimeter faceted black onyx gemstone that is truly hypnotizing with its midnight color and remarkable sparkle. The stone is hand set securely in a bezel at the center of the diamond shaped sterling silver pendant.

Radiating from the center stone of the Aztec “Izta” Pendant are spokes of abalone, white and black mother of pearl and created fire opal, which together represent the brightness and beauty that emanate from a life filled with love. A gorgeous addition to any chain, the pendant measures 2 inches by 2 inches in size and has a large sterling silver bale included in its design.

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