Amethyst Kaleidoscope Clip Earrings


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Amethyst earrings with inlay by Charveaux
Amethyst clip earrings with inlay by Charveaux

Amethyst Kaleidoscope Clip Earrings from Kelly Charveaux offers classic, beautiful style. The center of each earring contains a 6mm faceted amethyst surrounded by a delicate blend of mother of pearl and opal inlay to create a unique pattern. This is further framed with a black onyx border for an elegant finishing touch. These clip-on earrings are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of amethyst without the need for pierced ears. The kaleidoscope pattern of these earrings add elegance, while the amethyst crystal is known to bring purification, clarity, focus and calming effects with its soothing energy. Whether you are looking for something special to wear every day or something to bring out your best on a special occasion, Amethyst Kaleidoscope Clip Earrings will be sure to turn heads with their classic and beautiful design.

Delicate kaleidoscope patterns of inlay using mother of pearl, opal and sugillite surround a 6mm faceted amethyst in these clip on style earrings.  A black onyx border frames the design.  They are classic and beautiful.

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