Aztec Collection

In Aztec mythology, the volcanoes outside Mexico City were once humans that were deeply in love. The most beautiful girl in the Valley of Mexico was the daughter of an Aztec chief. Her name was Iztaccihuatl. We will call her "Izta". Izta was madly in love with the greatest young Aztec warrior Popocatepetl….”Popo”. He also loved her deeply. A war separated the two young lovers and a long battle left them yearning for one another. A rival of Popo sent a false message to Izta telling her that Popo had been slain in battle, when in fact he was victorious and won the battle. When Izta heard the false news, she became ill and died of a broken heart. When Popo returned victorious, he was heartbroken to learn of his lover’s death. The devastated warrior had a great tomb built under the sun where he laid her body. Popo then lay next to her and gave his last heartbroken breath. Two great mountains formed where the couple lay together for all eternity. One is named for Iztacchihuatl meaning “White Woman”. The other is named for Popocatepetl meaning “Smoking Mountain”. These mountains represent symbols of their love that will forever endure. Popo’s mountain still erupts ash and smoke showing his warm and everlasting love for Izta. Snow covers the mountain tops year round but cannot extinguish the burning love the two share for one another.
From this inspiring love story, The Charveaux Aztec Collection was born………….

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